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Gourmet Tourism in Tryavna

Wonderful dishes are being cooked in my Tryavna. Well, not a pebble soup (less fatty -:)), but a grass cheese patty. The shtirnik is the specialty of the local woman and together with the famous griddle-cake of Tryavna, both easily substitute any meal, but definitely now vice versa.

If you are here on mushroom time, we can serve you forest mushrooms soup - fragrant and delicious.

Well, not telling you about the kavarma of Tryavna or other gastronomic goodies which Tryavna people praise. Locals not only brag about the food but also about the living beer. Tasting all its varieties gives it time to fill your soul with ease and calmness, and most importantly – surely causes no next-morning headache. Come and deliver yourself some sweetness of the senses.